Original Teaching

This is the original teaching of Life as to who we are, where we are, why we are here and what is going on?

We are the faklen Angels who were cast out of Heaven and down to the side of the Bottomless Pit for rebelling against our family.

A long time ago, in Heaven, Satnam sat on the Throne of God. Satnam was the most beautiful and the most powerful Angel in Heaven. Satnam would receive communication (revelations) from God and then, via the angel Michael, the revelations would be communicated throughout Heaven.

Just as people here on Earth "believe" in God, so did the heavenly Angels (however, no one has seen God at any time.) Eventually, Satnam deceided to "take-over" Heaven and become a "Real" God. The take-over ensued with all the Angels choosing sides; half the Angels stood behind and supported Satnam, and half the Angels stood behind Michael, loyal to God. Then, in the twinkling of an eye, we disappeared from Heaven and found ourselves on the side of a bottomless pit. Instantly, we and the other Angels back in Heaven knew there definitely is a higher power, God.

Here in the Bottomless Pit we remain until we correct ourselves and can be returned to Heaven.

Now, as one can imagine, the last Angels to join up with Satnam were the first to seek a way back home to Heaven. However, Satnam knew that after sometime of establishing his kingdom on the side of the Pit, that just as the Angels rebelled against God, they would rebell against him and try to return to Heaven . . . others might follow, Satnam's kingdom divided against itself would fall.

Now, the Bottomless Pit and everything inside (except us) are energy forms created by Satnam using the Kundalini energy. This Kundalini energy not only creates and sustains the Bottomless Pit and everything inside, it also prevents our escape from the Pit.

Satnam is the most powerful Angel in the Pit, with powers (knowledge) far beyond any other Angel or group of Angels. Yes, here in the Bottomless Pit, Satnam is God - but not the Living God of Heaven, our Creator.

To stop the fallen Angels from seeking a way back home to Heaven, and to make us loyal servants once again, Satnam went out from the side of the Pit, just as we would find the same way out, and built a TRAP to catch any fallen Angels attempting to return home. Here inside his Trap, Satnam is omnificent, creating all things with what appears as unlimited powers of creation. Here, Satnam is omnipresent by way of his creation, Soul. And Satnam is omnipotent; all powerful because of his knowledge of and control of the Kundalini energy which imprisions us both here inside Satnam's Trap, and in the Bottomless Pit.

Once inside the Trap, we, the fallen Angels(golden spheres) are connected to a golden bubble, soul. Next a type of artificial intelligence (mental) is connected to the soul and then karmic imagery (causal) is attached to start the whole experience going. Then an emotional body (astral) is attached which can then be used in the physical to grow a body for us to temporarily inhabit. [Soul realm, Mental realm, Causal realm, Astral realm and Physical realm are the five energy fields of form inside the Trap.]

Here in the physical, we, the fallen Angels are connected to a soul, experiencing an Kundalini energy form of a virtual reality where we are caught in an "endless" cycle of incarnations, experiencing lifetimes after lifetimes, resulting in what eventually seems like endless pain, suffering, disappointment, regrets, heartaches, misery, disease, accidents, loss and death, until eventually, in some lifetime, whe we have been sufficiently conditioned by the Trap, the soul whispers in our ear, "there must be more to life than this", and we start seeking, we know not what, but our Will has been sufficiently weakened by the Trap, and unbeknown to ourself, the soul has made us ready to meet a Master. (Provided you did not settle for a religion, organization, cult, ectereta along the way of seeking.)

Yes, once a fallen Angel has spent many lifetimes experiencing one religion after another, once spirituality has played itsself out, and many of the other deceptions explored,the fallen Angel starts to honestly and sincerely, with great desire and effort, to seek the truth, at which point Satnam is alerted via his soul-connection to us, and a Master is brought onto our path.

The Master, of which there are many, is simply a fallen Angel like us, who has surrendered 100% to Satnam, whom the Master obeys and worships.

Yes, in an eloborate process of pain & suffering (conditioning), over hundreds of lifetimes, the Trap prepares us to meet with a Master such that eventually we too become Masters and servants of Satnam.

All Masters are fallen Angels inside the Trap who have surrendered completely to Satnam in return for a semi-god-like state of being. This occurs when Satnam raises the Kundalini energy to activate certain power centers of the soul. (Go Here to read the experiences of two fallen Angels receiving Mastership)

Everything was going great for Satnam until the Living God, who cast us out of Heaven, sent Jesus down from Heaven and into the Trap to bring us the knowledge (power) of who we are, where we are, why we are here, what is going on and how can we return to Heaven. (Go Here to read the original teachings of Jesus, as revealed by the Living God.)

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